Sunday, February 20, 2011

All you think about is Sox, Sox, Sox...

Well, that's not true.  I think about lots of things.  Like sweaters, hand warmers, scarves, just how many elephants my upstaires neighbor has living with him now. 

Anyway, back to socks.  I finished them!  Aren't they lovely?!  I love making socks because it's the only time I get to wear socks that actually fit.  You may have noticed that when you buy socks, they come in a size range.  For Example 6-9.  Maybe this works for people who wear size 9, but for those of us on the lower end, it means we end up wearing the heel up on our ankle.  I have, in the past, bought boys' socks to combat this problem.  They are quite narrow most of the time and I find I am not happy with them either.

Let's talk about color now.  If you swear by white socks...Hallelujay, inexpensive, multi-sock packs are for you.  If you want something a little darker or professional, it is possible to get trouser socks for a slightly less reasonable price.  If you would like something fun, with some great colors, that don't have hearts, or reindeer, or shamrocks on them, good luck.  They only time fun socks are really available is during holiday season.  Now I do have a friend (and a mother, for that matter) that will continue to wear these socks long after the holiday has passed, but I am not one of those brave souls. 

I think it stems back to my freshman year of high school.  I was wearing my favorite Harvard sweatshirt (a lovely burgundy color) and a pair of mustard colored socks.  Now my reasoning in my head for this bizarre combination was that 1) the socks matched the lettering on the shirt, and 2) no one really notices that sort of thing anyway.  Well, my fragile world came crashing down the day after school when walking by the "Sugar Shack" some.....girl (trying to decide the right word here) called out "Your socks don't match your shirt!"  Needless to say, I was deeply traumatized by the whole incident and immediately tossed out those socks when I got home. 

Now that I am older and hopefully wiser, I don't let such things get to me.  I like to wear fun socks, especially if they are handmade and fit perfectly.  Someone asked me what I will do when they wear out.  I thought, Yay! I'll get to make another pair.  Please don't let you socks become family heirlooms or something.  They were meant to be treasured by your feet! All you who have worn handmade socks will understand that!

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