Saturday, May 28, 2011

Crochet Cloche - Back by popular demand!

Due to several requests, I have written down the pattern for my cloche hats.  The gauge will vary a little but I found using several yarns all about a worsted weight and the results are pretty consistent.  I have also written the patten to include a size for adults small-medium size in parenthesis.

Crochet cloche
toddler size ~16“ circumference (adult ~21“)
Yarn – any worsted weight
Hook – size I

Chain 4, ss in first chain to form loop (or use magic loop)

Round 1:  ch 3 (counts as first dc here and throughout) 9 dc in loop, ss to join (10 dc)

R2:  ch 3, 1 dc in same stitch, 2 dc in each dc around, ss to join (20 dc)

R3:  ch 3, (2 dc in next stitch, 1 dc in next stitch) to last dc, 2 dc in last st, ss to join (30 dc)

R4:  ch 3, dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc, (dc in each of next 2 dc, 2 dc in next dc) around, ss to join (40 dc)

R5:  ch 3, dc in each of next 2 dc, 2 dc in next dc, (dc in each of next 3 dc, 2 dc in next dc) around, ss to join.  (50 dc)

Adult size only R6:  ch 3, dc in each of next 3 dc, 2 dc in next dc, (dc in each of next 4 dc, 2 dc in next dc) around, ss to join (60 dc)

R6-8 (7-10):  ch 3, dc in each dc around, ss to join.  (50 dc (60 dc))

R9 (11):  ch 4, skip next dc, (dc in next dc, ch 1, skip next dc) around, ss to join.  (25 dc and 25 ch1 spaces (30 dc and 30 spaces))

Toddler size only R10:  ch 3, 2 dc in first ch 1 space, (dc in next dc, dc in next ch 1 space) to halfway point of round, 2 dc in next dc (dc in next ch 1 space, dc in next dc) to last ch 1 space, dc in last ch 1 space, ss to join.  (52 dc)

Adult size only R12:  ch 3, dc in first ch 1 space, (dc in next dc, dc in next ch 1 space) around, ss to join.  (60 dc)

Shell round:  Ch1, sc in first dc, (skip next dc, 5 dc in next dc, sk next dc, sc in next dc) to last 3 dc, skip next dc, 5 dc in next dc, skip last dc, ss to first sc to join.  

Finishing:  Weave ribbon in and out of row 9 (11).  Tie in bow.  

Let me know what you think!!

Please be respectful and do not sell my pattern or claim it as your own.  Happy crocheting and give credit where credit is due.  Thanks!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tunisian Crochet Iris Purse

My mentor and friend is retiring this year.  Congratulations to her!  I have been trying to figure out what I could get for her that wasn't a gift card.  I also didn't want to make something that she could make for herself.  She is also a crocheter, though maybe not as neurotic as I am about it.  I thought of a scarf, but it is finally getting warm here in Montana.  Then I thought of a light summer shawl.  I would love to lovingly work on some beautiful lace for her.  But she doesn't really seem like the lace shawl type (kind of like me).  So I finally settled on a bag.  I have recently been playing around with messenger type bags and tunisian crochet and different designs.  I thought too that now that she doesn't have to carry a laptop bag and testing kits and whatever else around with her all the time (suffice it to say that we work in education), maybe she would like to carry just a cute little bag that might hold a good book or her most recent project. 
I don't know what her favorite flower is but I love irises so that was a selfish design design decision but I don't think she will mind.  The yellow inner part of the iris is done in a chenille yarn so it is kind of fuzzy just like the real thing. 
I also found some inexpensive sturdy nylon (or maybe I should say "cheap" as it was a $0.39 remnant) to line it with.  My sewing machine won't handle the crocheted material so it is handsewn to the inside. 
I twisted the handle before attaching it to the second side because it limits the stretch when carrying heavier items.  I actually really like the finished product.  Maybe someday I will make one for me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hats, Hats, and more Hats!

Okay, so my most recent obsession is baby hats.  They are quick and fun and I love changing up the details a little.  Here are thre of my most recent.  I love the one with the little point on top.  It reminds me of a Hershey's kiss.  The yarn is absolutely yummy too, rainbow and soft.  I love how it goes from yellow to pink to purple to blue to yellow, again.  Machine washable too!  You can't beat that.  They are all listed in my Etsy shop as of now:  Alison Grace
I recently finished a wrap sweater for a toddler too.  Ivory and Mint, so pretty.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage Family Heirloom Repair

A couple of weeks or so ago a co-worker asked me to take a look at a bedspread made for her parents when they got married 65 years ago.  I was of course intrigued.  I love to see true vintage items and family heirlooms.  Well this thing is gorgeous.  It is done in a really fine crochet thread in spiral motifs then stitched together.  And it fits a queen-size bed.  Holy Cow, the work that went into it!

So here was her ulterior motive, some of the motifs are falling apart and separating and the blanket has some rather large holes in it.  She is a knitter, not a crocheter, and was hoping that maybe I would be willing to work on it.  I very quickly agreed - it would be a pleasure.
After I took it home I got to looking at it more closely.  It is obviously very old.  I had some fears that I would not be able to match the thread used.  In fact, I did have some trouble with that but found some that would work.  It is about the same color but has more of a sheen to it.  It also has more plies to it so hopefully will be stronger than the original.
So, now I have been working on it for several hours.  I thought I might put 10-12 hours into it but most likely it will be double that.  I thought at first that I may have to remove the border and disassemble the whole thing.  I don't think that is the case now, which is good.  I am doing my best to jump in wherever the extra thread is needed and replace the original stitches.  I'm hoping it will be stronger than before.  I will attach pictures as I go along.