Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tunisian Crochet Iris Purse

My mentor and friend is retiring this year.  Congratulations to her!  I have been trying to figure out what I could get for her that wasn't a gift card.  I also didn't want to make something that she could make for herself.  She is also a crocheter, though maybe not as neurotic as I am about it.  I thought of a scarf, but it is finally getting warm here in Montana.  Then I thought of a light summer shawl.  I would love to lovingly work on some beautiful lace for her.  But she doesn't really seem like the lace shawl type (kind of like me).  So I finally settled on a bag.  I have recently been playing around with messenger type bags and tunisian crochet and different designs.  I thought too that now that she doesn't have to carry a laptop bag and testing kits and whatever else around with her all the time (suffice it to say that we work in education), maybe she would like to carry just a cute little bag that might hold a good book or her most recent project. 
I don't know what her favorite flower is but I love irises so that was a selfish design design decision but I don't think she will mind.  The yellow inner part of the iris is done in a chenille yarn so it is kind of fuzzy just like the real thing. 
I also found some inexpensive sturdy nylon (or maybe I should say "cheap" as it was a $0.39 remnant) to line it with.  My sewing machine won't handle the crocheted material so it is handsewn to the inside. 
I twisted the handle before attaching it to the second side because it limits the stretch when carrying heavier items.  I actually really like the finished product.  Maybe someday I will make one for me!

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