Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage Family Heirloom Repair

A couple of weeks or so ago a co-worker asked me to take a look at a bedspread made for her parents when they got married 65 years ago.  I was of course intrigued.  I love to see true vintage items and family heirlooms.  Well this thing is gorgeous.  It is done in a really fine crochet thread in spiral motifs then stitched together.  And it fits a queen-size bed.  Holy Cow, the work that went into it!

So here was her ulterior motive, some of the motifs are falling apart and separating and the blanket has some rather large holes in it.  She is a knitter, not a crocheter, and was hoping that maybe I would be willing to work on it.  I very quickly agreed - it would be a pleasure.
After I took it home I got to looking at it more closely.  It is obviously very old.  I had some fears that I would not be able to match the thread used.  In fact, I did have some trouble with that but found some that would work.  It is about the same color but has more of a sheen to it.  It also has more plies to it so hopefully will be stronger than the original.
So, now I have been working on it for several hours.  I thought I might put 10-12 hours into it but most likely it will be double that.  I thought at first that I may have to remove the border and disassemble the whole thing.  I don't think that is the case now, which is good.  I am doing my best to jump in wherever the extra thread is needed and replace the original stitches.  I'm hoping it will be stronger than before.  I will attach pictures as I go along.


  1. you are a brave one! i can rarely be talked into repairs, since i really don't know what i'm doing with them. good luck.

  2. Thanks! I kind of made it up as I went along but I had to do something. It was tragic that it was torn up!