Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh My Gosh! I have to work for a living!

I started back to work today. So much new stuff to learn.  I think it is going to be a good year though.  The school I am working for has great administration and everyone seems to be pretty positive about this year.  Now that I am working again after having the whole summer off, it is going to be harder to find time to crochet and knit.  Oh well, I guess that means my time will be more precious and I'll have to choose patterns that mean more to me! 

I just finished this beautiful baby blanket.  I seem to have a hard time keeping boys blankets on hand.  I really like this pattern.  I kind of took parts from a pattern on then changed it up and added a different border.  I like the twisted border that incorporates both colors of the blanket.

I was thinking about trying some lace shawls.  They seem to be gaining popularity and might be a good transition back to more wintery items.  Plus I haven't done lace in awhile and I kind of miss the complexity. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Take on the "5-hour Baby Sweater" on Ravelry

I have a new favorite pattern - The 5-hour baby sweater.  It is very cute, simple, and gender neutral.  I have tried it in variety of mohair blend yarns and a couple of acrylics.  I also added a hood to one and gave it bear ears.  Now I have turned it from a cardigan style into a pullover.  So versatile!  Here are some pics. 
Above is the hood with bear ears.  Very cute but kind of tricky to take a picture of.     
Above is my favorite.  The rainbow color scheme is so cute and the yarn is really cuddly.  To the left is the sweater in an acrylic yarn.  Still beautiful but now machine washable!
This is the pullover style one.  I made it a v-neck so it isn't too tight around the babies neck and will easily slip over the head.  The sizes range from newborn to 24 months.  I had so much fun making these!