Thursday, December 2, 2010

Knitting Toe-Up Socks

I am finally finishing my first pair of toe-up socks.  I am really liking the figure 8 cast on and the seamed bind off.  I think I may be a new sock addict!  This pair is for Dad for Christmas.  One of the things I will always remember about him (besides knowing every book he had read by the blue-edged pages from the chalk at the lumber mill he worked at) is that he loves red socks.  I remember the lint and fuzz that used to be all over everything else in the wash because of those socks.  It's hard to find red socks now for men so I thought it would be fun to make him some red socks.  Besides, I think he would appreciate socks more than me chalking up his books now!

Off-topic but a rant I need to get out of my system .... Did anyone out there know that the remote entry button of the car does not work when the car is running?  I locked myself out last week because I locked the car with it running to warm up to keep someone from taking it for a joyride then couldn't get back in.  Thank goodness I have the right coverage with my insurance.  $45 for the tow-truck guy to unlock my door.  Crazy!  They should consider that some of us live in Montana and it gets cold here.  I hate to leave it unlocked so I can warm it up in cold -20 degree weather!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sale on Etsy!

Now through December 12, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on every item in my Etsy Store, Gypsy Cat Crafts!  Check out all my hand crafted items at  Happy Holidays everyone!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crochet Snowflake Ornaments

I finished writing down the patterns for my three snowflake ornaments. Now I just need to get it posted on here! One step at a time. I'm very excited to get the pictures into my crochet/knit diary. I really need to start keeping up on it. It's more fun to create something than to write it down but I think I will really like the finished product!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just another manic Thursday!

I went to my first meeting of the local knitting group last night. I was surprised that there were so many ladies there! Even a couple of crocheters! Someone asked my what method of knitting I was doing and I had to say "I use the crochet method of knitting." I learned to crochet long before I learned to knit so it was so much easier for me to use my left hand to hold the yarn. I am not a typical "picker" though, as I direct the yarn with my left index finger rather than the needle in my right hand. This way I can switch from knitting to purling really quickly with a flick of my finger. I didn't realize I was so unique until last night. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy!

Anyway, I love looking at the projects everyone is working on. I saw a couple of gorgeous sweaters that made me really jealous. The lady next to me was knitting some beautiful tie-dye socks! I was working on a fuzzy scarf in the round where I am alternating between sections of knitting and crochet. I discovered a new way to bind off with my crochet hook too that I may be using with other projects!

Oh! I forgot the most exciting thing! The picture on this page of Lily in her lovely dress I knitted, will be displayed in the shop over the yarn that I used. Very cool!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Knit Flowergirl Dress!

I'm finally getting around to posting the knit flowergirl dress I made for my brother's wedding in October. This lovely little dress is inspired by a pattern on I had to make some alterations because Lilybug is so skinny. I also changed the shoulders to add flower beads for buttons. She was so adorable and the dress got many compliments.
I love the fair isle strips. Next time I will try to figure out how to better hold the different yarns. When I was doing this I had two fingers going, one holding each color. Boy, were my hands sore afterwards! But it was so worth it!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday again...

Monday just comes too darn quickly. I would really like another day to just sit and crochet. Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of what you really want to do?! I'm in the middle of 3 or 4 different things right now. Ran out of yarn for one, didn't like the colors for another, just slow going for a third.

Gypsy was an absolute nutball yesterday. Everything became a toy for her. After she attempted to pull a whole skein of yarn out of my coffee table, she started pulling things off the top to bat around. Then she would get overstimulated and run up and down the hall with her tail curled like the flying monkeys from "The Wizard of Oz". I wonder what the neighbors think when she plasters herself against the sliding glass doors with her ears back and wails. Anyway, after a couple hours of that, she found my papisan chair and conked out. I could hear her snoring across the room. Not bad for an 8 1/2 year old 7 lb kitty.

To D0's this week: Finish sweater with just bought yarn. List hat and scarf set on etsy. Finish just started scarf. Decide on pattern for needle-felting red scarf.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I really need to start getting packed. I am picking up the truck next week. I was counting the other day and realized that I have moved more than 15 times in my life. That's about every 2 years. Hopefully this time will be the last for awhile. Gypsy is sensing that change is coming. She's annoyed but she's a black cat and a gemini. She spends most of her time annoyed.

I've got a truck reserved and a storage unit reserved. I looked into getting a home loan today. Looking at condos in Helena. Kind of excited about possibly owning something. I'm so tired of renting.

I was pulling things out of closets and from under the bed a couple of days ago and discovered another rubbermade full of yarn. What was I thinking? I could start my own yarn store for sure! I know what I'll be doing this summer! After I get packed and moved, that is. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Place Title Here

Okay, so I'm new at this, kind of. Don't really know what I am doing. So here goes....I'm Amber. I'm a psychologist, educator, sister, aunt, pet owner (do we really "own" them), girlfriend, ex-wife, daughter, thirty-something, craft-addict, music-addict, book-addict, earth-bound dreamer. Does that cover it? For now it works. Gypsy is my kitty who keeps me constantly entertained and humbled. My rat, Remy, is mostly along for the ride. He is pretty mellow (unless there are yogurt drops involved).

About my many vices... I love to crochet, knit, bead, scrapbook, read, play guitar, play violin, sing, on and on....

About my family.... I am so happy to be moving back home to Montana where my family still lives. My brother is getting married in the fall to a wonderful girl that he will hopefully someday deserve. He has a gorgeous little girl that he definitely doesn't deserve. I love him anyway. My parents and grandma still live in Missoula too. I'm so happy to be going home. Finally got a job back home!

I have been away from Montana for 7 years. Following my career and gradually working my way back to the Northwest. I have enjoyed the ride but it's time to go home.

I am currently dating again. My divorce was a year and a half ago. Finally feel like I'm healing. My new beau is very patient...very patient....almost annoyingly so. He's a good guy and I probably don't deserve him.

Stay tuned for moving adventures and crocheted and knitted creations completed this summer. Oh, and pictures of Gypsy, the cutest and moodiest kitty in the world.