Friday, February 20, 2015

Crochet Heart Shawl Made from Alice Merlino's Heart Scarf

So I finished the Crochet Heart Scarf a couple of weeks ago and while I was working on it, I was inspired to create a fun shawl using the same motifs.  So I did!  This is how it came out.
The yarn is absolutely beautiful.  Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in Petunia.  The color variegation is really nice and it has a cool mohair feel even though it is 100% acrylic.

After talking to Alice Merlino about using her pattern, she agreed that I could make the pattern available for everyone if I refer to her original pattern and do not rewrite her words or use her pictures.  Her words and pictures are awesome so check them out when you make my shawl.  Here's her pattern and here's my shawl pattern:
Yarn:  Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable
Hook:  J
Gauge:  not important

Complete foundation row and rows 1-4 of Alice Merlino’s Heart Scarf.  Finish off.
Ch 13, sl st into the fourth bump from your hook (makes a chain loop), ch 9, dc in last dc of completed motif, work across top of motif as in row 5, and at of row, complete foundation row again, turn. 
Complete rows 1-4 across to make 3 connected motifs.  Finish off. 
Work as established until shawl is desired size.
Work row 5 across all motifs to finish then cut yarn.  Weave in ends and block. 


  1. Hi. This is a really nice use of the heart pattern. I can't find it mentioned anywhere though of how much yarn it used?

  2. I cannot find how to do the heart shape pattern anywhere for the beautiful shawl you made? Kind regards Amanda 😊

  3. How do I do the next step after completing rows 1-4. I guess I don't understand the pattern? Do you have any videos of the next step?