Saturday, July 23, 2011

No Farmers' Market for Me :(

Okay, so I got up early this morning after getting practically no sleep thanks to Chris's snoring and just plain being up too late.  I spent hours yesterday making sure everything was ready updated my tags to include the sizes on things.  Got over to the Farmers' Market and stood in line...and didn't get called in their lottery.  I could have slept in.  I'm frustrated because I was really hoping to do it this weekend.  I have been so busy with moving and craziness that this is kind of my first chance since June.  I was in Helena in June and that was fun so I thought I might try Missoula since this is where I am right now.  But no, I have no luck in lotteries.  I will probably try again next weekend.  After that I will be up in Columbia Falls or Kalispell.  I've heard they are both good. 

Just in case anyone else has ever had this experience...It is not easy to type on a laptop with a cat laying across both arms.  Isn't she adorable though? 

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